Chris & Kirsten – Sunrise Shoot – Kalkbay

Chris & Kirsten were keen to do their engagement shoot at sunrise, and we had the most beautiful light. Chris an adventures UK dude and Kirsten an South African beauty met at a pub in the UK. Kirsten approaches Chris and said” I have arrived”. Right there and then he realised that she was his dream girl.
I will be posting their wedding next week.

  • Great stuff guys! Hope you had a wonderful wedding!!! I bet you stayed miles away from your bridesmaids Kirsten ;)

  • gill & alan le serve said:

    What a handsome couple you are - must be in the genes! Seriously, absolutely gorgeous photos, lovely memories. Beard or no beard - not sure?
    Lots of love M & D xx

  • Nara Vidal said:

    You both look so beautiful and very happy! We can see you guys have a lot of fun together! Brilliant! xxxx

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