Laura & Don’s wedding at 91 Loop was magical. Shooting close friends wedding is always special. I have known Laura since 2009, when we worked together at Zara Zoo. We have been close friends ever since. She always said I will be her photographer when she gets married. She has her own photography Company – Ruby Jean. I think this is the first ever wedding ceremony held in the streets of Cape town.

Below some words from the Bride Laura.

“Our wedding day really was a dream come true. We decided on a long engagement so we didn’t have any pressure when it came to the actual planning. We knew we wanted to get married in the heart of Cape Town, as we always felt it was our home and play ground.
Finding the perfect venue took some time, but we stumbled over the honey badger 91 loop by chance out one night for tuning the vine. And we kinda just knew. We got in touch with the guys and from the beginning they were just on board and awesome and we really felt that they were as excited for our big day as we were!
The rest as they say started falling into place, we got married on the 25th which turns out to have been a very lucky number for us.
The one tricky bit was finding a location for the ceremony as the venue did t really have a separate spot big enough, we walked out onto long market street and just thought hey why don’t we host our ceremony on the street? I mean no one else has but that doesn’t mean we can’t… Don was an absolute super man in getting this permission and we eventually got clearance only 10 days prior to our big day. We didn’t have a plan b because the only plan was plan A.
Our cousin and one of our dearest friends hosted our ceremony, everything down to the last detail was done by us and our close friends and family making our day a true family affair and unique to us and our love. The day flew by so fast as they say it does but I wouldn’t change a single thing not one!

Our service providers were top class and close friends, a true collaboration of awesomeness”

Christine Le Roux was my awesome second shooter. We decided to collaborate on this blogpost as it is just to beautiful not to share all the pictures! For Christine Blogpost please follow the link – Laura & Don



Wedding Dress: Natalia – House of Silk
Suits: Beach Cult Joanna Headley
Bow ties and ties – browties
Flowers & decor – Mia Bella flowers
Hair and makeup – only the best Fralene
DJ – king Louie
Video- Barefeet Videography
Brides accommodation – The Cullinan
Venue and catering – Honey Badger
Coordinator- Claire Robertson
Photographers – Vividblue & Christine le Roux

A special thanks to the city of Cape Town for access to long market road


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